How to draw names online?

Picking names out of a hat online is easy!

Organise your Secret Santa gift exchange in just minutes with our free and easy to use online Secret Santa Generator!

  1. Create a group

    Enter the names of people you want to draw names with and add details like a group name, a budget and the date of the celebration. You can still add or delete participants after you confirm the group.

  2. Send the invitations

    Once the group has been made you can send the invitations. You can do this via email, text message, WhatsApp or any other messenger.

  3. Draw names online

    When the invitations have been sent, it’s time to draw names. Draw names live out of a virtual hat via the website or send each participant their invitation to draw a name for your gift exchange.

Ready to try it yourself? Start up the Secret Santa Generator and invite your friends, family, classmates or colleagues to draw names online.
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Check out our gift exchange rules.

Perks of using

Drawing names online is easiest with our Secret Santa Generator:

  • No one draws their own name;
  • The option to set who can’t draw whom;
  • Draw names with online wish lists;
  • Browse popular gifts in our gift finder;
  • Ask your giftee questions anonymously;
  • Send invitations via email, text or WhatsApp;
  • Fast, fun and free. No registration required.

Help! I lost my email link

It's okay, we all lose things sometimes. Go here to retrieve the links to the wish list and the group page. The organiser can also resend someone's drawn name to them via the group page.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any other questions about drawing names online via Check our FAQ to find the answers to frequently asked questions.